Thursday, August 14, 2014

Adya Clarity

Adya Clarity is black mica extract from Northern Japan. That purports to encapsulate inorganic materials and make them inert. When put into dirty, toxic lakes within a 24-48 hours the water is potable. When put in your local tap water, if not filtered, there is a good chance of seeing a cloudy effect resulting in an orangish goo accumulating at the bottom of the glass (the extracted inorganic material). So you can either use this to purify water, which is supposed to last 8 months. Or you can take it internally in concentrated amounts. 

There have been claims that Adya Clarity is able to go all the way into your bone marrow to extract toxins, which biologically makes sense because all surfaces of the human body are porous to varying degrees... if the toxins can get in, then they can also come out. There are lots of great testimonials, from the end of Candida to the removal of lower back pain to elludings of curing more serious dis-eases, and only a few people that are more into less expensive methods of purifying their water than the rather expensive Adya offers.

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