Tuesday, July 8, 2014

minion costume

WHAT? Dude, I know the minion voice that tells you. I have these homemade DIY minion costume for a Halloween party last year and in my opinion very oblique, it'sgreat. :) This photo was taken in the "line up" at the home of my friend Christy. Thisservant, which of course started with a bunch of shit. It is the same Christyphotographer has all incredibly flattering pictures of my family on my about me page.Jokes have false eyelashes, Yes, govern in a box effect. Anywho... The costume tookabout a week (mainly due to the dry paper mache) and costs about $50 (less, but havean exercise ball possession).

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  1. Dont do halaween but did you know what Tahiyatul Wudu is?

    Take care